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Winner 2021 - Day 3 » Research Collaborations on/during Covid-19 (Radboud-OU-UI-ITB-UKM-Deltares-HIVOS)

Research Collaborations on/during Covid-19 (Radboud-OU-UI-ITB-UKM-Deltares-HIVOS)


Ansje Löhr

Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Environmental Sciences at the Faculty of Science of the Open Universiteit
Ilham Saenong

Program Development Manager Civic Rights in Digital Age Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial (Hivos Foundation)
Bastien van Veen

Resident Senior Consultant for Deltares in Jakarta
Inaya Rakhmani

ALMI’s vice president for Science and Education and Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Indonesia (UI)
Prasanti W. Sarli

Lecturer at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Institut Teknologi Bandung


Tery Setiawan

Postdoc researcher at the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Developmental Studies at Radboud University, a psychology lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology at Maranatha Christian University, Indonesia

Event Details

Day 3
October 28th, 2021
14.00 - 15.15 GMT+7 / 09.00 - 10.15 GMT+2

Session Outline

The session seeks to answer an overarching question in the international research collaboration: what are the potentials of and hindrances to collaborations on and during the Covid-19 pandemic? The presenters will share their professional experiences and reflections on conducting research in various international collaborative research schemes on and around the topic of and during the Covid-19 pandemic. Comprising researchers from social sciences, environmental sciences and professionals closely working with communities both from Indonesia and the Netherlands, the session shall offer academics, researchers as well as policy-makers inter-disciplinary insights and a well-rounded discussion on how to make international collaborations more meaningful and long lasting.

Key Issues

In detail, this session will cover three key issues: (1) the process of merging ideas and writing them together in a bottom-up manner of thinking, (2) strategic ways to overcome administrative issues from affiliated parties, e.g., Kemdikbudristek, universities, and local stakeholders, and (3) ways to deliver promised outputs complying with the agreements but also in terms of accountability. The session will start by briefly presenting the overview of the RISE project and followed by panel discussion.

Event Recording