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WINNER 2021 » Speakers » Bastien van Veen
Bastien van Veen
Resident Senior Consultant for Deltares in Jakarta


Bastien van Veen MSc. is resident senior consultant for Deltares in Jakarta. Mr. Van Veen, has about 15 years of professional experience concerning integrated water resources management and hydrological modeling of which 10 years in Indonesia. After his graduation he worked for several years at the municipal Water Resources Department of Amsterdam where he successfully acquainted himself with urban water resources management. In 2007 he moved to Aceh to successfully lead a team of local and international experts to provide technical assistance to the Government of Indonesia and the International Development Community in the implementation of integrated water resources strategies. He developed hydrodynamic models to simulate potential future tsunami scenarios and to determine river runoff. He used the results to evaluate various options to protect the local communities from flood risks. Since 2013 he worked on the important NCICD project where he focused on improving the existing primary flood protection of Jakarta (Stage A). He advocated to follow an integrated approach to protect the region from future flooding and managed to determine the combined flood risk from high sea water levels and peak discharges from the main rivers and canals. He has ample experience with working in projects where there is active involvement of the Indonesian local and national government. He was involved in the World Bank project focusing on urban flood resilience in Bima, Manado and Pontianak, as a senior hydraulics engineer which finished in the early 2021. His most recent project involved Welang river where he helped develop a system understanding of the flood hazards in the catchment. In RISE project, he is involved in conducting the analysis of hydrological data and designing the social-ecological interaction model.