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WINNER 2023 » Study in Indonesia Virtual Expo 2023

Study in Indonesia Virtual Expo

What is Study in Indonesia Expo?

Study in Indonesia Expo is an international expo highlighting studies, bachelor and masters programs, internships, scholarships, language courses and even gap year in Indonesia! This expo is attended by leading higher education Institution across Indonesia who are eager to invite potential students from the Netherlands to expand their learning journey in Indonesia. Visitors may get some information and possibilities of an educational and self-enriching stay in Indonesia.

Why Indonesia and the Netherlands?

Reflecting on the mutual interest between Indonesia and the Netherlands to support innovation for education towards the future, this expo is expected to bridge Indonesian Higher Education Institution (HEIs) and Dutch students to study in Indonesia and enhance Indonesian HEIs potential to compete internationally.

Therefore, Study in Indonesia Virtual Expo has always been has always been one of the highlighted activity at the WINNER Conference, as we prepare a virtual platform for Top Indonesian to participate and exhibit their international study programmes for Dutch students interested in learning and studying in Indonesia.

Why participate?

A great beginning to continue your learning journey abroad. Indonesia is home to more than 18 000 islands and is known for its biodiversity as well as cultural diversity. So if you are a student or visitor looking for s one-of-a-kind study abroad experience that will also enable you to balance and mix your university studies with exciting outdoor activities, studying abroad in Indonesia could be your chance!

As for the Indonesian HEIs, this expo is an opportunity to get in touch with Dutch youths that are who are keen to have experiences in Indonesia and for Indonesian students to explore some information regarding studying in the Netherlands. Apart from students, there are also Dutch HEIs participating in this expo. To get a bigger audience, Indonesia HEIs may connect with the Dutch HEIs partner attending to promote each others’ international education experiences!


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