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Winner 2022 - Day 2 » Space Technology for Equal and Sustainable Digital Societies

Space Technology for Equal and Sustainable Digital Societies


Dean of Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia.

Space Archaeologist, Author, and Associate Professor at Flinders University, Australia.

International Law Professor at Universitas Indonesia, Rector of Universitas Jenderal Ahmad Yani, and the Founder of Indonesian Society of International Law.

Researcher and Lecturer at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her field of research covered numerous areas namely Space Law, AI Governance, and Outer Space Technologies


Lecturer in the Field of International Law, Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia

Event Details

Day 2
October 19th, 2022
14.00 - 15.15 GMT+7 / 09.00 - 10.15 GMT+2

Space technology is enabling our modern lives on Earth. Our digital societies are increasingly dependent on space technology for navigation, communication, internet access, anticipating natural phenomena, etc. But how is space technology promoting equality on Earth and beyond? Is there a system guaranteeing equal access and equal opportunity to outer space? What does it mean to ensure “sustainable practices” in space-related activities? And most importantly, what rules govern outer space, and how do they ensure equality?

Both Indonesia and the Netherlands are increasingly preoccupied with creating economic value from space-related activities. Therefore, it is high time that the role of space technology is also assessed from the perspective of contributing to equal and sustainable digital societies. Indonesia’s lack of space experiences unbalanced the bargaining power in international investment, aside from local private vapidity caused by regulations. Socio-environmental costs also affected equal opportunity in space activities.

Technological breakthroughs’ assimilation to emerging countries, aside from providing a sensible market to a developed one, could be contrived by International Law’s spirit alongside Indonesian and Netherland laws under equality principles.

In such a context, our session will critically assess the role of space technologies in fulfilling SDGs 9, 10, and 16 together with renowned panels of academics, experts, and industry professionals. Our upcoming session will discuss 4 sub-topics:

  1. Development in the Space Sector and Technology Insights
  2. Equality and Space Technology
  3. Indonesian Space Law
  4. Space Liability and Artificial Intelligence: The particularities of liability under Dutch Space Law


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