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Universitas Negeri Manado

Indonesia - North Sulawesi
Universitas Negeri Manado. Located on the expanse of Lake Tondano, in the cool air of Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi. Universitas Negeri Manado, under the leadership of Rector Professor Deitje Adolfien Katuuk, M.Pd., carries out the ideals outlined in its Vision and Mission of Excellence and Innovation based on Mapalus. Mapalus is a local wisdom that means cooperation and working together. Currently, University of Manado has 2 campuses, namely campus 1 in Tondano, located within the area of 309 hectares, and campus 2 in Tomohon, located within the area of 2.74 hectares. UNIMA fosters 7 faculties, namely the Faculties of Engineering, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Educational Sciences, Languages and Arts, Sports Sciences, and Economics & Business.

Exchange, Internship, Traineeship

Education level :

Field of Study for International Students:

Bachelor’s degree:

  • Economics, Commerce, Management, and Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Law, Public Administration, Public Order, and Safety