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WINNER 2022 » Poster Session » Innovation of Eco-Friendly Detergent Based on Community Empowerment
Authors: Tatbita Titin Suhariyanto

The level of water contamination will depend on how people behave along the river. The Code River in Brontokusuman, Yogyakarta, demonstrates this phenomenon. The environmental pollution of the river has significantly increased over the last three years. Replacing eco-friendly detergents instead of conventional detergents is one method to solve this issue. The research team at Industrial Engineering UAD has begun to promote an eco-friendly detergent through educational training in partnership with the Kamulyan Waste Bank. Therefore, the objectives of this research are to determine the composition of an eco-friendly detergent using the Design of Experiment (DoE) method and to design the production equipment using the Green Quality Function Deployment (GQFD) method. The research results in the composition of an eco-friendly detergent based on lerak fruit and other plant-based ingredients, as well as the design of production equipment that considers the customer and environmental aspects. This idea is expected to empower the community and to increase their awareness to the environment.

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