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WINNER 2022 » Poster Session » Immune Response After COVID-19 Vaccination
Authors: Arif Nur Muhammad Ansori

SARS-CoV-2 first occurred in China in 2019 and then spread worldwide. In March 2020, WHO announced that this outbreak was a pandemic. In this study, we observed the immune response of mice (Mus musculus L.) and humans after COVID-19 vaccination and focused on the interferon-gamma profile. We injected various doses of COVID-19 vaccine in mice (n=90) and observed the immunologic response for up to 90 days. We also analyzed the immunologic profile of people who were vaccinated and unvaccinated against COVID-19 (n=100). ELISpot test method was performed to check the interferon-gamma profile. We concluded that the formulation of the COVID-19 vaccine could proceed to the next step. The cellular immune response (interferon-gamma) profile in people who were vaccinated and had been infected with COVID-19 was better than in unvaccinated people.

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