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WINNER 2022 » Poster Session » Development of Carbon Capture and Storage Microalgae (CCS-MA) Technology as Carbon Emissions Solution
Authors: Vita Meylani

Climate change caused by carbon emissions has become an international concern through the Paris Agreement. Numerous physical and chemical technologies have been widely employed to capture carbon emissions. However, it still has significant flaws, necessitating the development of a more effective and efficient method for reducing carbon emissions by carbon capture in the air. This project intends to develop an energy-efficient, 80%-effective emission air filtering device. Testing the sensor on the emitting air is followed by testing the temperature and humidity sensors on the measurement object in the open air. Then create a modest prototype for testing in a laboratory size. The test findings indicate that the second and fourth sensors have the highest sensitivity, with errors near 0. While the CCS-MA simple prototype test results indicate a reasonably high level of effectiveness (90%), To establish the success of this CCS-MA instrument, it must be further developed and tested on a bigger scale.<br /> Keywords: Carbon Emission; Climate Change; Carbon Capture; CCS-MA<br />

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