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WINNER 2021 » Poster Session » ImahNoong Observatory and Planetarium
Presenter: Muhammad Arifin Dobson

ImahNoong Observatory and Planetarium is a platform for blending Science-Technology, specifically Astronomy, with Village Culture. The best word to describe the place is EduTourism. We aim to democratize Astronomy to the general public, through events, shows, virtual observation and training. By blending it with village culture, we are hoping to improve the quality of life in the village area around ImahNoong. We have collaborated and experimented with various methods to increase the awareness of Astronomy and science in general. We believe people have a big curiosity about how the universe and human beings came to existence, because we are made from stardust and our lives are generally affected by Astronomy. There are many places around Indonesia and even the world that can be developed using Astronomy and Culture as the centerpiece of the movement, ImahNoong will not be the last Astro EduTourism Village, we are hoping to be part of the model proof-of-concept and the living example. We are going to keep experimenting and exploring.

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