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WINNER 2021 » Poster Session » Access to Justice for the Underserved Communities During the COVID-19 Outbreak: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
Authors: Sulistyowati Irianto, Dyah Wirastri, and Yvonne Kezia D. Nafi

Access to healthcare services is strongly correlated to the ability of policy makers to identify who the most vulnerable groups in society are. Unfortunately, while the government produces an abundance of information related to the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia, there are indications that it insufficiently takes the social-humanities sciences’ perspective into account. Until now, the government’s approach relies too much on the economic recovery and administrative side of health care, as the eligibility of persons to Covid-19 programs is made dependent on their legal identity and administrative residence. The problem is that the most vulnerable, the undocumented ones, often do not all have identity cards, while others live in a different city, district, or province than the one registered on their ID. These underserved and vulnerable groups include the poorest city dwellers, the residence of river banks, migrant workers with no fixed employment, undocumented persons, or those without registered domicile at the place they live in. These groups lack voice and are therefore almost non-existent in policies – including policies of health care service and social-economic safety net. This study aims to analyse the accessibility of various government programs for handling the pandemic, especially the vaccination program, health care and safety net program, for the most vulnerable groups, including women-headed households. Through data collection, we will obtain an overview which will enable us to conduct an analysis of community access and responses to government Covid-19 programs, the perceived impacts and effectiveness of these programs to reach vulnerable groups, as well as collective and private initiatives that can be an inspiration for multidisciplinary policy development, from legal, social and cultural perspectives. The results of this study will produce academic texts and policy briefs containing proposals and recommendations for the government about how to increasing accessibility of Covid-19 programs for vulnerable groups.

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