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WINNER 2022 » Speakers » Frans Wijsen
Frans Wijsen
Head of the Nijmegen Institute for Mission Studies


Prof. F.J.S. Wijsen focuses on the dialogue between cultures and religions. He researches the way in which sustainable development is implemented in different countries and cultures, for example in the field of water management. In doing this he focuses on philosophy and world view.

My research and teaching over the years have focused on two issues: (intercultural and interreligious) dialogue and (integral and sustainable) development. The two are related. Unequal distribution of resources is an obstacle to dialogue. I am particularly interested in policy and management issues concerning dialogue and development. I conduct research projects in Tanzania, Indonesia and The Netherlands.

My main topics are integration, conflict and ecology. In my studies I use the Dialogical Self Theory as research perspective, and Critical Discourse Analysis as research method. By doing so I aim to contribute to the development of practice – oriented research in religious studies and theology.

More information: My Profile