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WINNER 2021 » Speakers » Adolphe (Dolfi) Debrot
Adolphe (Dolfi) Debrot
Fisheries, Shellfish and Mangrove Ecologist with many years of xperience with Mangrove Restoration in the Caribbean, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.


Dr. Adolphe (Dolfi) Debrot, of Wageningen Marine Research (WMR) is a fisheries, shellfish and mangrove ecologist with many years of experience with mangrove restoration in the Caribbean, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. He leads many projects and his recent focus is on sustainable alternative livelihood development options for tropical coastal communities. Examples of recent papers on this theme include: Debrot, et al. (2020) in Forests; Rahman, et al. (2020) in Journal of Coastal Conservation; Rejeki, et al. (2020) in Aquaculture Research; Alam et al. (2021) in Aquaculture and Islam et al. (2021) in Journal of Environmental Management.