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Explore PhD Recruitment 2023: A Unique Path to Pursue PhD within the Dutch Academic Excellence

Explore PhD Recruitment 2023: A Unique Path to Pursue PhD within the Dutch Academic Excellence

Pursuing a PhD in the Netherlands offers a distinctive experience unlike any other. Picture embarking on a PhD journey that resembles a job, complete with a monthly salary as a researcher and immersion within a highly productive research environment with Dutch and European academic circles. In contrast to countries that treat a PhD as an educational programme requiring students to complete extensive coursework before delving into individual research projects, the Netherlands provides diverse PhD trajectories that prioritise academic freedom for researchers from all around the world.

Let this article guide you to two main PhD trajectories in the Netherlands: Internal and External PhD.

Internal PhD

One of the most sought-after pathways for undertaking a PhD in the Netherlands is the “Internal PhD” track. In this model, “students” also serve as paid employees of the university, entering into formal employment contracts. Often, the availability of PhD positions is made possible through research project funding secured by faculty members or professors in the Netherlands. Research constitutes the primary responsibility of a PhD researcher in this trajectory, although employment contracts may occasionally involve additional duties such as teaching and supervision.

External PhD

Another popular PhD trajectory is the “External PhD,” where researchers conduct their studies at a university with funding from foreign sources, scholarships, or through self-funding. Researchers within this category enjoy nearly all the facilities available to internal PhD candidates, including access to study and research groups, library resources, workstations, and often funding for conferences and research dissemination. However, individuals in this group have fewer obligations to the university and are sometimes bound by the requirements of their respective scholarships or funding sources. This trajectory can be particularly appealing to Indonesian students holding local government scholarships like the LPDP scholarship and the Ministry of Religious Affairs’ Beasiswa Indonesia Bangkit (BIB), providing them access to high-quality research environments at Dutch research universities.

Interdisciplinary Excellence

In the Netherlands, PhD opportunities are abundant for individuals with a passion for researching various fields and topics at Dutch research universities or affiliated centres. Moreover, the Dutch research society highly encourages an interdisciplinary approach, recognising that many issues cannot be adequately addressed from a single disciplinary perspective but require consideration from technical, environmental, and societal viewpoints simultaneously. As Vandy Yoga Swara, a Doctoral Researcher in International Development Studies at Utrecht University, aptly puts it, “The thing that I think the Netherlands (research society) is beneficial for us is how the interdisciplinary approach has always been part of our research life here.” This approach holds significant appeal for those looking to broaden their expertise and tackle interconnected research topics more effectively.

PhD Recruitment Day Indonesia 2023

Exciting news awaits Indonesian scholars aspiring to pursue their doctoral degrees in the Netherlands. AcademicTransfer, in collaboration with Nuffic Southeast Asia, is organising a “PhD Recruitment Day” scheduled for Saturday, October 7, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM at Museum Plein, Erasmus Huis in Jakarta. This event offers candidates the opportunity to present their research ideas to Dutch university professors, allowing them to pitch their proposals during 20-minute sessions. Importantly, the event caters not only to those seeking PhD programmes but also to those pursuing postdoctoral positions and other academic roles.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Register: Register now and create an impressive profile that highlights your expertise and aspirations through this link. Polish your CV to make a lasting impression on potential recruiters. Registration is open until October 3, 2023.
  2. Engage: Seize the unique opportunity to participate in one-on-one live interviews in Jakarta. If selected, you will have the chance to discuss your (draft) research proposal or research ideas with renowned Dutch professors.
  3. No-Cost Participation: The best part? Participation is absolutely free!

This event also welcomes Dutch Universities’ Delegates interested in meeting Indonesian research aspirants, especially scholarship holders seeking acceptance from Dutch universities to pursue their PhD studies in the Netherlands. Registration for Dutch Universities’ Delegates is still open through this link.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity, and we look forward to welcoming you into the vibrant Dutch academic community!