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WINNER 2023 » Speakers » Zakky Muhammad Noor
Zakky Muhammad Noor
Desamind Indonesia Foundation


I am a highly adaptable individual with strong management capabilities and demonstrated leadership skills. I excel in applying the principles of planning, organizing, implementing, and coordinating within teams. Throughout my career, I have actively pursued personal development opportunities, contributing to society and communities in various capacities. As a result, I have been frequently invited to participate in diverse events as a moderator, presenter, speaker, jury member, mentor, and panelist. My primary focus lies in the concept of sustainable development goals, particularly in the context of the economy and agri-tech business. I am passionate about fostering positive social change and environmental sustainability within communities. Additionally, I have gained valuable experience as a Social Safeguards Specialist, ensuring the incorporation of social safeguards into projects and initiatives.

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Empowering Low-Tech Lab through Computational Thinking and CS Unplugged

E-mail: [email protected]


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