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WINNER 2023 » Speakers » A Fattah
A Fattah
Researcher in Law


My name is Abdul Fattah, and my journey in the world of law has been nothing short of extraordinary. I pursued my passion for legal studies at Mataram University, where I completed my studies in the esteemed Faculty of Law. Throughout my academic years, I strived for excellence and developed a deep fascination with legal theory and philosophy. Upon completing my studies, I knew that my true calling lay in the realm of legal research. The philosophical underpinnings of the law intrigued me, and I yearned to explore the profound depths of legal thought. It was then that I decided to join “Metajuridika,” a renowned legal research organization that focuses on unraveling the theoretical and philosophical aspects of the law. At Metajuridika, I found myself amidst like-minded researchers who shared my passion for delving into the complexities of the law. I immersed myself in various research projects, from legal pluralism to jurisprudential theories, eager to expand my knowledge and contribute to the realm of legal philosophy. Beyond the academic accolades, what truly drives me is the belief in nurturing young minds and fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity. As a mentor, I encourage aspiring legal scholars to question and critically analyze legal concepts, empowering them to become independent thinkers and researchers. My journey in legal research has taught me the transformative power of curiosity and dedication. I am humbled by the opportunities to contribute to the world of legal scholarship, and I am driven to continue exploring the boundaries of legal theory and philosophy at Metajuridika.

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The Impact of Prohibiting Respiratory Devices (Compressors) on the Gili Air Fishermen


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