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The Impact of Prohibiting Respiratory Devices (Compressors) on the Gili Air Fishermen
Authors: A Fattah

``From generation to generation fishermen in Gili Air have been accustomed to using compressors as breathing aids to catch fish, so the ban on using compressors can threaten the lives and livelihoods of fishermen. The research method used was a literature study and Participatory Action Research (PAR), namely conducting interviews with various parties including the NTB Regional Government, Local Government Compilers, Advocacy Actors (BKBH FH UNRAM), and fishermen who felt disadvantaged by the prohibition. The way of NTB Government applies and formulates sanctions regarding Destructive Fishing is discussed in this article. Fishermen must realize that compressors are a prohibited tools for fishing, besides that The Government should not only enforce the law by simply prohibit fisherman tools, but must also provide an alternative solution if the compressor is a tool that damages the environment by providing other diving equipment that is more environmentally friendly.``

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