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WINNER 2022 » Poster Session » Implementation of E-chick on Laying Hen Cage System
Authors: Moch Syarudin, Riska Nur Fateha

One of the things that affects the productivity of laying hens in Indonesia is the low management of the cage system. E-Chick is an android-based application that has several functions: Cage control, coaching and livestock care. In addition, it is equipped with livestock news features, and e-commerce to make it easier for farmers to update news and sell their products. The methods used are observation method, comparative study, identification of regional potential, and direct application method. Digitization of the IoT system in the cage system greatly affects the level of production of laying hens, starting from controlling the feed and drinking system, vaccination, biosecurity to the harvesting process integrated with IoT. In addition, based on the results of the Identification of Regional Potential that has been carried out by 95% of breeders in East Java still use a conventional cage with a manual system. Breeders assume that the use of a smart cage system is difficult and requires expensive costs. Creation of a role model is used as a pilot project to breeders by modifying simple cages that can be integrated using E-Chick. Based on the results of the Counseling Evaluation, data was obtained that farmers received innovations in the form of the use of IoT based on the E-Chick application in the smart cage management system with a response in the form of an increase in farmer knowledge by 76% and a receptive attitude regarding the use of IoT on E-Chick in the laying hen cage system. The use of E-Chick in the management of the laying hen smart cage system is feasible to be carried out with the results of the Expansion Evaluation in the form of an increase in farmer knowledge and a receptive attitude related to the use of IoT in the laying hen cage system

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