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WINNER 2022 » Poster Session » Bamboo Frames as Substitute of Steel For Concrete Reinforcement Material
Authors: Vincent, Maxwell Tandhika Hardian, Ezra Laloan, Juantaraja Husin Kotan

Using bamboo to create framework for construction is an amazing discovery that has opened a window full of opportunity. If we were to search for steel shortages online, we can find that some countries are or have had trouble with steel supplies. While steel is getting more expensive to produce due to shortages, bamboo appears as an easily reproduceable, widely available, and cheaper resource that may substitute the ever more expensive steel as construction material. Furthermore, research has shown that some bamboo may have a tensile strength equivalent to that of a medium quality steel, which means that it can be used as a substitute for steel’s concrete reinforcement. Therefore, bamboo is a surprisingly good substitute for steel to create building framework as it has not only cheaper price but also much more eco-friendly to the environment compared to steel.

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