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Universitas Sumatera Utara


Full degree, Exchange, Internship

 Transformation the Towards Ultimate 

1.1. About USU 

USU is a state university located in the city of Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia, which is one of the best universities on the island of Sumatera and the oldest state university outside of the island of Java. USU is also the first university in the island of Sumatera, which has a Faculty of Medicine. The history of University of Sumatera Utara started with the establishment of the Medical Faculty in August 20, 1952. In November 20, 1957, USU was inaugurated by President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno, and became the seventh state university in Indonesia.

Beginning by the opening a school of medicine, USU places itself as an excellent university. In 2003, USU changed its status from Public University (PTN) into State-Owned University Legal Entity (BHMN). This change of status placed USU in fifth after UI, UGM, ITB and IPB which transformed into BHMN in 2000. 

University of Sumatera Utara is appointed as the Legal Entity State University(PTN BH) based on Law Number 12 Year 2012 on Higher Education Article 97 letter c dated August 10, 2012. Furthermore, the Statute of USU is defined under Regulation No. 16 Year 2014 on February 28, 2014. This provision gives flexibility to USU to encounter the challenges, competition which need to be addressed in the vision and supported by the ability to formulate strategic steps. 

Learning processes and researches involve 1.632 lecturers, 81% among them have postgraduate education background.Now, USU has 14 faculties/school consists of Medicine, Law, Agriculture, Engineering, Dentistry, Economics, Cultural Science, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Political Science, Public Health, Pharmacy, Psychology, Nursing, Information Technology (IT), and 

Postgraduate degrees. It offers 135 programs consist of 19 doctoral, 32 masters, 18 medical specialists, 5 professional programs, 46 undergraduates, and 15 diploma degrees. There are currently 42.038 registered students, of whom 3% of them are foreign students. 

USU welcomes thousand students from various regions of Indonesia, especially from Sumatera. Various tribes such as Batak, Minang, Javanese, Tionghoa, Karo, Melayu, and other tribes creates cultural assimilation and harmonious relation. Within this condition, cultural encounters appear not only in national scale but also in international scale. Foreign students could also join the University of Sumatera Utara, especially for medical and dentistry programs. This acts as a linkage of harmony and mutual understanding amongst regional people. 

Vision: University with academic excellence as a barometer of the progress of science to compete in a global world level, majoring : 

Tropical Science and Medicine, 


Local Wisdom, 


or well-known as TALENTA 

Mission : 

1. To organize autonomy based on higher education as an institution for character development and professionalism based on empowerment with the spirit of democratization of education that recognizes plurality and education orientation which emphasizes actual alternative problems solving based on scientific studies, morality and conscience. 

2. To produce agents of change graduates as the force of modernization in society who have scientific competence, relevance and competitiveness, intellectual ethics, in enhancing academic quality by developing advanced science for people’s better life. 

The USU campus is the biggest campus In Medan with the total area of 122 hectares. 

Due to an increase in student numbers, a new second campus is being constructed in Kwala Bekala, 15 km distant from Padang Bulan, with a 300 hectares campus area. . The land for the new campus has been brick-walled and now used as educational forest-arboretum, oil palm nursery, flower and horticultural garden, animal breeding, and dam. 

The campus is designed to accommodate all academic, social and industrial activities in: 

1. Integrated Laboratory and Academic Zone. 

2. Supporting Zone (clubhouse, commercial, public and social facilities) 

3. Educational Forest-Arboretum Zone 

4. Oil Palm Nursery Zone. 

5. Animal Breeding Zone. 

Kwala Bekala Campus has an Architectural and Environmental Design Plan (RTBL) which is embodied in the master plan functioning as guidance and control the effectiveness of the development and the use of space to be easily monitored without worsening the quality of the environment. 

1.2 Location

The University of Sumatera Utara is located in the city of Medan in North Sumatera. It is situated in Padang Bulan, in the Medan Baru sub-district of Medan, located at Jl. Dr. T. Mansur no. 9, Medan 20155 – North Sumatera.