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WINNER 2021 » Poster Session » What Business Consultant has to have? Identifying Competencies for Business Consultant
Author: Prima Desita

Indonesia’s millennials have a fairly high interest in working as entrepreneurs. But many failed to run their business in the early stages due to lack of knowledge, experience, and having one to look up to. One approach to support entrepreneurs is through assistance from business consultants. But the current conditions of business consulting activities are scattered and overlapping between each level of entrepreneurs (potential entrepreneurs, early-stage entrepreneurs, and established entrepreneurs). Thus, Indonesia needs to set a standard capacity for business consultants to fulfill the needs for each level of entrepreneurship. Surveys and FGD were conducted with existing business consultants as the sample to draw insight about their problems in doing their jobs and how they identify their capacities for assisting their clients. The result of this research is twofold (1) Business consultant categories based on each level of entrepreneurship (2) Standard capacities for a business consultant.

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