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WINNER 2021 » Poster Session » Spatio-temporal Studies in Sumatran Landscape
Author: Dr. Anita Zaitunah, Forest Management Laboratory, Faculty of Forestry – University of Sumatera Utara

North Sumatra Province is one of Indonesia's provinces, consisting of 33 regencies. It is located in Sumatra's northern region. North Sumatera Province covers a broad area from coast to mountain, with each region showing a variety of different and distinct characteristics. Numerous study topics relating to the environment, forestry, socioeconomics, urbanization, people, and animals can be addressed through the use of geospatial approaches and analysis. Each region's capital city is a city with similar qualities, such as an industrial district, a large settlement area inside the urban area, main road access, and an economic center for the region. These cities are also faced with issues relating to population growth. There have been changes in land use, causing a loss of green space. There are also coastal areas on the west and east coast of North Sumatra Province. The condition of the coastal areas varies considerably. In some areas, mangrove and coastal vegetation still remain. In another part, the majority of regions are open, with settlements, fishponds, and other uses. Additionally, there is a large oil palm field.North Sumatera is home to Indonesia's largest natural lake. Lake Toba is 100 kilometers long, 30 kilometers wide, and 1600 meters deep. It is located within the super volcano's caldera. Samosir is an island in the lake's center. Seven regencies are connected to the lake. Each of these regencies has its own distinct qualities. Certain places are densely forested with mountainous forest. North Sumatera is separated into 25 watersheds. Numerous rivers, both large and little, run through the area, from the upper half of the hilly area to the lower part, which ends at the sea. The section of the area between the river and the shore is defined as a greenbelt. Numerous study topics are in relation to the type of area, its state, and its characteristics in North Sumatera. The research focused on urban green open space, coastal dynamics and change, land cover/land use change, and forest and watershed vegetation cover change. Additionally, a change analysis in Lake Toba area was conducted. Another study focused on orangutan habitat and human-orangutan conflict. University of Sumatera Utara (USU) is one of the leading University in Indonesia. The university has a strong research background in many aspects of knowledge and application, including urban and environmental issues and the applied technology. USU has an active Research Board who always support the researchers to have a multi sectoral collaboration with other institution

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