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WINNER 2021 » Poster Session » Museum Narration and Colonial Memory Construction of the Dutch East Indies as a Frontier Study
Authors: Desi Dwi Prianti, I Wayan Suyadnya, Sri Handayani, & Susilo Kusdiwanggo

The history of Dutch East Indies colonisation has always been a polemic. Both Indonesia and the Netherlands articulate different narrative regarding colonial memory. By looking at the work of representation in this context museum narrative, this study investigates how memory lives on through the circulation of colonial memory that the museum simulates. This research will focus on how the museum narrative translates colonial memory to be remembered and celebrated as public knowledge. Due to its limitation of funding for 2021, this research will focus on conducting field observation in Indonesia. This study will employ a visual research method with a combination of textual analysis that falls within the category of qualitative data analysis. Furthermore, a shooting script will be used as the way the researcher proof the careful conceptualisation of the link between the research topic – The construction of Dutch East Indies colonial memory through the lens of museum narratives – and the photographs being taken has been made. This research will also look at the museum labelling such as information attached on the collections, the title of the collection as well as any other textual data which reveal the language and grammatical construction in how the narrative was being articulated.

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