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WINNER 2022 » Speakers » Mila Karmilah
Mila Karmilah
Lecturer at Unissula Semarang


I am a Bachelor of Civil Engineering at UII Yogyakarta, in 1988 then took a master’s program in urban and regional planning at UGM and a doctoral program at the same university with a major in architecture and planning. Currently, lecturer at Unissula Semarang, she has participated in lecture exchanges for UNISSULA and RUAS Cooperation in 2017, she is interested in gender and environmental issues then joins an Semarang Demak Coastal Coalition (KPSD) an organization that cares about the flood, tidal and Land Subsidence problems in Semarang-Sayung. KPSD wrote the book “Malih Dadi Segoro” (Became a Sea) on the impact of toll road construction on changes in the surrounding environment.

Wrote a critical note regarding the breaking of embankments in Lamicitra and Central Java on May 23rd, 2022. Currently, I was  wrote a book about the results of research on “the Tidal Flood Disaster (Rob) and Land Subsidence using Ecofeminist Perspective funded by Post-Doctoral Scheme by UGM. Collaborating with DiD (Diamonds in Delta) and Indonesian Partnership (UGM-UNDIP-UNISSULA and Amarta Institute) conducted research on “Grassroots reflections and practices related to land subsidence and flooding in urban and rural deltas: Case studies from Semarang City and Demak Regency, Indonesia”.

It is currently conducting research in flood and tidal flood affected areas on “The Survival Strategy of the Timbulsloko Community in the Face of Climate Change (Rob & Abrasion)”. Together with several NGOs concerned about the impact of Land Subsidence organized residents in the affected areas to share their experience and knowledge and conduct crowdfunding for the affected areas.