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WINNER 2023 » Speakers » Aditya Parama Setiaboedi
Aditya Parama Setiaboedi
A Researcher at Institut Teknologi Bandung


Aditya serves as a researcher at Institut Teknologi Bandung. As a Data Scientist, he melds his profound research, analytics, and business economics expertise to harness data-driven strategies that bolster decision-making and forge impactful solutions. Aditya’s prowess spans data analytics, machine learning, and statistical modeling, enabling him to distill intricate data into lucid, actionable strategies. He’s driven by an innate passion for harnessing technology and innovation in solving pressing global challenges. Beyond his technical acumen, Aditya is an eloquent communicator and a synergistic collaborator, unwavering in his dedication to effect meaningful change and leave an indelible mark in his field.