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Construction of Peptide-Based Vaccine of Indonesian Rabies Virus Glycoprotein: In Silico Approach
Authors: Arif Nur Muhammad Ansori

``Rabies virus (RABV) remains a significant public health threat in many parts of the world, causing a fatal neurological disease with a high mortality rate. Vaccination plays a crucial role in the prevention and control of rabies, with the rabies virus glycoprotein (RVG) being the primary target for inducing protective immunity. However, the development of more effective and safe vaccines against rabies is still a research priority. In this study, we aimed to construct a peptide-based vaccine using the RVG antigen, combined with myeloid differentiation factor 88 (MyD88) as a genetic adjuvant. MyD88 is a key adaptor protein involved in the toll-like receptor (TLR) signaling pathway, known for its ability to enhance immune responses. We designed and synthesized a peptide consisting of B-cell and T-cell epitopes derived from the RVG antigen. The peptide was then genetically fused to MyD88 using a DNA vaccine approach. In conclusion, the potential of the RVG peptide-MyD88 DNA vaccine as a promising candidate for rabies vaccination. The use of MyD88 as a genetic adjuvant offers a novel approach to enhance the immunogenicity of peptide-based vaccines. Further studies are warranted to evaluate the protective efficacy of this vaccine candidate in challenging RABV infection models and to explore its potential application in other viral diseases.<br /> Keywords: Bioinformatics; Medicine; Rabies Virus; Glycoprotein; Vaccine``

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