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“Combining Introductory Courses Using Project-based Learning. Case: Civil Engineering UPH”
Authors: Christian Gerald Daniel

``This study evaluates the applicability of creating a project-based learning process that combines two introductory courses (Mathematics and Construction Materials) at the Civil Engineering Department of Pelita Harapan University, Indonesia, from 2022 to 2023. Students were required to evaluate the behaviour of various construction materials by combining the literature research with the lab test result, which needed to be calculated using taught mathematical approaches (i.e. calculus) to better understand the materials’ behaviour. The activities have been found to increase students’ perception of the class with the satisfaction index increasing by 37.5% on average, mostly in terms of more active participation and better study experience. Students’ final scores were also found to increase by 18% on average, and math class also experience slight improvement by 4.5% as an effect. Conclusively, the class approach that combines both courses was found to be beneficial for the 1st year civil engineering students at Pelita Harapan University.<br /> ``

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