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Analyze the Function of Open Space in the Pahandut Seberang Village
Authors: Noor Hamidah, Mahdi Santoso

Settlements in Indonesia are generally located on the banks of rivers. The role of the river serves as orientation, transportation and shelter. Riverside areas develop into dynamic cities as indicated by the increasing density of organic settlements compared to formal settlements. The research problem examines how informal growth occurs between formal settlements in the case of settlements on the banks of the Kahayan River in Palangka Raya City. The focus of the research is on the analysis of the physical integration of settlements, especially natural settlements with a distinctive riverside architecture. The aim of the research is to analyze the physical integration of formal and informal settlements on the banks of the Kahayan River, Palangka Raya City. The research method uses a survey method, while the analysis uses a combination/combination, namely qualitative and quantitative analysis based on field observation data and survey data of 20 sample heads of families in Pahandut Village in Pahandut District, Palangka Raya City.

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