Testing interdisciplinary methodological approaches for the study of Socio-ecological systems: analysing the history and future possibilities of governance for climate change

Climate change is a crucial factor in any global policy agenda in the coming decades. Its effects will influence the challenges to and outcomes of many, if not all of the SDG’s. Understanding, mitigating and adapting to climate change is not a matter of meteorology or natural sciences only. Involving the humanities and social sciences will be crucial. Historical patterns of land- and sea-use, social and economic processes such as industrialisation, carbonization and consumption have resulted in patterns of uneven vulnerability and resilience; both of societies and of ecosystems. These issues of vulnerability and resilience culminate in, among others, social-ecological systems (SES) in marine and coastal conservation areas.

Indonesia and The Netherlands have a long history of cooperation in the study of many disciplinary aspects of this problem: agriculture, biodiversity, fishery, tourism, socio-economic development, political development, culture, and media. Efforts have been made to integrate these approaches in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary frameworks.

The organizers belief that the riddle of governance for climate change adaptation is specifically in need of, and suited for, testing and developing new interdisciplinary methodologies. In this session we want to put the issue of governance for climate change on the map and explore and discuss it through the case study of joint Indonesian-Dutch research cooperation of UI, UNHAS, ALMI, KITLV, NIOO and WUR. It will explore the historical development and changes in the SES  to understand its current state, and will attempt in cooperation and co-creation with local societies and governance structures, to develop meaningful interventions.

Lisa Becking

Lisa Becking is a marine biologist at Wageningen University and Research Centers with a long-held interest in tropical marine biodiversity. A key question in her research is how communities of species adapt in response to environmental change over ecological and evolutionary timescales. She has worked on salt-water lakes and coral reefs in Indonesia and has Read more…

    Sonny Mumbunan

    Sonny Mumbunan is a researcher at the University of Indonesia’s Research Center for Climate Change (RCCC UI) where he coordinates Economic Instruments for Conservation, and Basic Income for Nature and Climate. At the World Resources Institute (WRI) Indonesia as a senior economist, he integrates development planning, financing, and land governance. He has served as policy Read more…

      David Kloos

      David Kloos is a senior researcher at the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Leiden, the Netherlands (KITLV). He is also a member of the institute’s Management Team. His work is characterized by a combination of historical and anthropological research methods. He is interested in religion, gender, violence, colonialism, knowledge formation, visual methods, Read more…

        Luky Adrianto

        Luky Adrianto is an Associate Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences at Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). He holds a B.S. in Fisheries Socio-Economics from IPB, an M.S. in Fisheries Sciences and a PhD in Fisheries Resources Management, both from Kagoshima University in Japan. Luky has been working for more than Read more…

          Sikko Visscher

          Sikko Visscher is an historian and social scientist, with research experience in Singapore and Malaysia, and now a full time Policy Officer. At the KITLV, he works as Research Advisor and Liaison Officer. He is involved in the development of strategy regarding the bilateral research cooperation with Indonesia and with the management of initiatives and Read more…

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              Wednesday 25, 2020 5:00 PM
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              Wednesday 25, 2020 6:00 PM
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