Improving Tuberculosis control in Indonesia; integrated molecular, clinical and public health research

Worldwide, tuberculosis remains one of the most important infectious diseases, affecting >11 million people and killing >1.5 million people each year. Indonesia ranks 3rd in the number of tuberculosis cases worldwide, and faces significant challenges in controlling the disease.

Radboud University has been collaborating for over 20 years with Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung, and University of Indonesia, Jakarta, in infectious disease research. This collaboration has resulted in unique understanding of tuberculosis susceptibility, the synergy between diabetes mellitus and tuberculosis, meningitis as the most severe form of tuberculosis, and barriers in tuberculosis control in Indonesia. It has also helped improve policy related to tuberculosis in Indonesia, as well as laboratory diagnosis and tuberculosis treatment. Based on the research, 20 PhD theses (13 focussing on tuberculosis) have been completed, and six PhD projects (4 on tuberculosis) are ongoing, which has contributed significantly to institutional and individual academic development.

In this session we will give a brief overview of the collaborative TB research, with examples of ongoing research projects, and opportunities for MSc and PhD students, and a discussion of some of the ‘lessons learned’ in this collaboration, aimed at students, university staff and others with an interest in TB or in academic collaboration.

Bachti Alisjahbana

Dr Bachti Alisjahbana – infectious disease specialist and head of the infectious research center at Universitas Padjadjaran. After completion of his PhD in Nijmegen Netherlands on Tuberculosis (2009), he chaired several research groups in TB, HIV and Dengue. He has wide interest and skills in leading clinical/basic research as well as public health research. He Read more…

    Bony Wiem Lestari

    Bony Wiem Lestari, MD MSc is doing a PhD at Radboud University, obtained MSc in Epidemiology from Erasmus University Rotterdam, and currently conducting public health studies related to control of tuberculosis in Indonesia focusing on public-private mix and TB cascade of care.

      Edwin Ardiansyah

      Edwin Ardiansyah, MD MSc, obtained MSc in Medical Biology from Radboud University, and currently doing a PhD at Radboudumc. He is conducting bioinformatics studies integrating clinical, metabolomics and genomics data to assess factors associated to tuberculous meningitis outcome.

        Gerine Nijman

        Gerine Nijman is doing a MSc in Biomedical Sciences at Radboudumc, and conducted a public health related MSc internship at Padjadjaran University / University of Indonesia about tuberculous meningitis.

          Raspati Koesoemadinata

          Raspati Koesoemadinata, MD MSc – a medical doctor from Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia, obtained MSc in Epidemiology from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK, and currently doing a PhD at Radboud University, conducting clinical-epidemiological studies related to the combination of diabetes and tuberculosis.

            Reinout van Crevel

            Prof Reinout van Crevel is infectious disease specialist and professor of Global Health and Infectious Diseases at Radboudumc (and honorary professor at Oxford University and University of Indonesia, Jakarta) and has collaborated with Indonesian universities for more than 20 years in TB/HIV, combining laboratory sciences, clinical and public health studies.

              Todia Pediatama

              Todia Pediatama, MD MSc is doing a PhD at Radboud University, conducting molecular studies related to susceptibility to tuberculosis. He finished his medical degree from Universitas Padjadjaran in 2016. He worked as a medical doctor in Jayapura and Bandung before continuing his education to get a master’s degree in Biomedicine. He graduated from Uppsala University Read more…

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