Collaboration to address climate change and promote

This talk show aims to project a constructive, achievable, vision of how science can inform and enrich both policy making on the issue of climate change, as well as more broadly inform society in order to help change perceptions and opinions. It wants to emphasize what can be done under current constraints pertaining to raising awareness and strengthening science-policy discourses about climate change in times of covid-19.

Therefore, we will highlight Indonesian reformist forces both on the national policy level as well as on a local practical level of cooperation. Both will give a short presentation about how research can be and has been useful in forming and implementing policies.

The first talk highlights the opportunities and challenges on the national level with attention to what science needs to offer to support the policy process. The second talk will offer insights on best practices in the context of Indonesian local cases in which local social and political forces co-create and implement collaborative change together with scientists. After these presentations, the talk show host will involve other guests through short questions and answers, inviting a conversation on:

  • what is needed to communicate the necessity and successes of this co-creation approach to a wider audience in the media (Science Journalists);
  • what role NGO’s can play to give a voice and influence to local (indigenous) communities;
  • what Indonesian – Dutch science cooperation can offer in experience and network;
  • what comparisons can be drawn from experiences in Indonesia and the Netherlands in aiding and influencing policy makers and what it can teach us.

Carina van der Laan
Expert on land conversion and land use changes in Indonesia

Dr. Carina van der Laan is an expert on land conversion and land use changes in Indonesia. She works as an independent advisor, researcher and coordinator and studies land use change dynamics at the landscape level. The projects in which she is involved are aimed at improving the livelihoods of local farmers, conserving tropical forests, Read more…

    Charlie Danny Heatubun
    Academician, Forestry Faculty of University of Papua

    Prof. Dr. Charlie Danny Heatubun is an academician at Forestry Faculty of University of Papua, concentrated on Forest Botany and Resources. He is besides a prominent researcher in his field, he involves strongly on science-based policy inclusion on sub-national development. Since 2018, he is the head of the research and development agency (Balitbangda) of West Read more…

      Ocky Karna Radjasa
      Deputy Chairman for Earth Sciences, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)

      Prof. Dr. Ocky Karna Radjasa is currently deputy chairman for earth sciences at Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), besides serving as Professor of Marine Microbiology at Diponegoro University of Semarang. Prof Radjasa was Director of Research and Community Service RISTEKDIKTI for several years. He gives a lot of attention and portion on development of science-based Read more…

        Paul Burgers
        Founder the social enterprise CO2 Operate BV

        Paul Burgers is the founder the social enterprise CO2 Operate BV in 2009. With CO2 Operate BV he runs a large carbon and ecosystem restoration program in Sumatra, known as the Gula Gula Food Forest Program. These food forests (or agroforests) combine carbon off setting for private sector clients with biodiversity enhancement, while the local Read more…

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          Thursday 26, 2020 3:00 AM
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          Thursday 26, 2020 4:15 PM
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