A Sustainable Water Design Strategy in Times of Climate Change to Achieve Sustainable and Resilient City and Community: Lessons Learned from Water as Leverage Semarang

In 2018-2019, The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland/RVO) initiated a project called, “Water as Leverage for Resilient Cities Asia”. This project aimed to help Asian Cities to develop its resiliency towards hydro-metrological disasters as the impacts of climate change. In the implementation, there are three selected pilot cities: Chennai (India), Khulna (Bangladesh), and Semarang (Indonesia).

IDN Liveable Cities, as a platform for Dutch and Indonesian professionals in the field of architecture, urban planning, design and cultural heritage preservation, participated in the project altogether with other Dutch and Indonesian multidisciplinary experts and formed a consortium called, “Cascading Semarang”. For almost a year, the team worked hard in collaboration with Semarang City Government. As the result of this project, an integrated and sustainable water and land use management strategy is established. This strategy also contained of six (6) realistic project proposals that are ready to be offered to the financial institutions for funding – as a funding alternative to the limited budget of the local government.

The process of this project has given numerous lessons in achieving and integrating water and land use management towards more sustainable urban development – especially SDG Goal 11 and Goal 13, not just to the entire team and initiator (RVO), but also to the local government. IDN Liveable Cities thinks that what the team has learned is worth to be shared. In regard to this, this session would like to share our team’s journey in assisting Semarang City Government in developing the integrated and sustainable water and land use management strategy through “Water as Leverage” project.

The session will be conducted online for approximately 2 hours (120 minutes) which comprised of a presentation from four representatives of “Cascading Semarang” consortium, followed with group discussion sessions that will be done in parallel and will be ended with a reflection session from each group, question and answer sessions and closing. The presentation itself will consists of four clusters of lessons learned in achieving sustainable water and land use management: (1) Spatial development; (2) Finance & economic aspects; (3) Social and community participation; and (4) Governance aspect. The four keynote speakers are the experts of each of these clusters and are the combination of Dutch and Indonesian multidisciplinary experts. The group discussions will also be moderated by four young urban professionals from both countries.

The discussion result of this seminar will be well documented as the recommendation for the team who is currently assisting the Semarang City Government in adapting and adopting the strategy to the planning document. The assistance also includes further research of the coastal area of Semarang City, which becomes the prioritized area by the Government due to its severe hydro-metrological impacts of climate change.


Cascading Semarang Final Report, published in 2019, retrieved from: https://idn-lc.nl/reports.html

Yulia, Arlianda, R. 2020. Transferring Climate Resilience to Semarang. E-Tropic Journal, Singapore (draft will be published by the end of 2020).

Monica A. Altamirano

Monica Altamirano has 15 years of experience in four continents and three sectors; education, transport and water. Since 2005 her research concerns cross national lesson drawing on the provision of public infrastructure services and the role of the private sector herein. Prior to joining Deltares, she worked as Technical Assistant to the Nicaraguan Minister of Read more…

    Olaf Gerson

    Olaf Gerson is the Associate Director of MLA+, a well-known Dutch architecture and design firm with offices in the Netherlands, China, and Russia. He is an experienced architect with extensive international experience and a keen interest in realizing complex projects in different cultures and countries. Strong team player and connector with a knack for organization. Read more…

      Reza Arlianda

      Reza Arlianda is an architect and local activist based in Yogyakarta. Having an urban studies background from TU Delft Netherlands, he has a strong research interest regarding participatory development, informal settlement, and inclusive city. Currently, he is affiliated with IDN Liveable Cities in the project of Water as Leverage Semarang, responsible for social engagement facilitator Read more…

        Wiwandari Handayani

        Wiwandari Handayani obtained her doctoral degree from Stuttgart University, Germany. She is currently a Senior Lecturer of Department Architecture, Diponegoro University (UNDIP) Semarang. Her expertise is in the field of urban-rural linkage and regional planning. She recently assisted Semarang City Government to develop Semarang Resilience Strategy and within the Cascading Semarang Consortium, she leads the Read more…

          Wiwi Tjiook

          Wiwi Tjiook is a landscape architect with over 30 years’ experience, currently working for the Urban Planning Department of the Rotterdam Municipality. Her expertise is in landscape and urban design, with a passion for integrated water and landscape planning. She has worked on projects throughout South East Asia, United Kingdom and Australia. Since 1999 she Read more…


            Yulia is an urban planner and designer, specialist in sustainable urban development and design. She obtained Bachelor of Architecture from Tarumanagara University Jakarta and Master of Science in Urban Management and Development from Erasmus University Rotterdam. She has worked on urban development and design projects throughout South East Asia and Europe. In 2017, she was Read more…

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