Save the date

Posted on October 13, 2020

Save the date

24-26 November 2020

The first Week of Indonesia-Netherlands Education and Research (WINNER) has been postponed to a new date: 24-26 November 2020. Because uncertainties regarding a new outbreak of Covid-19 remain, this first edition of WINNER will take place via an online medium. On 24-26 November, three hours per day will be dedicated to the Indonesian-Dutch collaboration. We aim to organise a physical WINNER in June 2021.

Indonesia and The Netherlands share a long history of collaboration in research and education. The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), the Indonesian Academy of Young Scientists (ALMI), the Dutch Research Council (NWO),  the Dutch organization for internationalization in education (Nuffic), and the Dutch embassy in Jakarta organise WINNER to celebrate, strengthen and expand the collaborations in Dutch-Indonesian research and education. We aim to make WINNER a yearly re-occurring event, where researchers, policy makers and societal stakeholders from Indonesia and the Netherlands are invited to present results from research, discuss how to strengthen the collaboration in research and education, identify mutual priorities, share best practices and make new connections

The overarching theme for the first WINNER, “Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals – from knowledge to practice”, remains the same. All disciplines are welcome at WINNER, and we aim for a varied audience with representatives from research, education, practitioners organisations, and stakeholders from industry, government and civil society. WINNER will also accommodate space for sessions focusing on the approaches used in education and research, such as interdisciplinary collaboration, public-private partnerships, and living labs.

We cordially invite you to share this save-the-date among those in your network engaged in Indonesian-Dutch collaboration. A call for session proposals can be found on Soon, this website will also accommodate the possibility to register for the conference. We aim to publish the entire programme by the end of September.

For more information, you can contact

We hope to welcome you at WINNER!

Akademi Ilmuwan Muda Indonesia (ALMI)

Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)

Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI)

Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta

Dutch Research Council (NWO)

Nuffic Neso Indonesia               


Opening WINNER, 24 November 2020, 08.30 – 12.15 CET (14.30 – 18.15 WIB)

Opening Speech, 24 November 2020, 09.10 – 09.20 CET (15.10 – 15.20 WIB)

Opening Speech, 24 November 2020, 09.20 – 09.30 CET (15.20 – 15.30 WIB)

Talkshow and opening ceremony WINNER 2020, 24 November 2020, 09.30 – 10.00 (15.30 – 16.00 WIB)

Features of a knowledge economy, 24 November 2020, 10.00 – 10.15 CET (16.00 – 16.15 WIB)

What knowledge do we need to address Climate Change?, 24 November 2020, 10.15 – 10.30 CET (16.15 – 16.30 WIB)

  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Daniel Mudiyarso,Lecturer and Full Professor at IPB University – senior scientist at the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

Can we jointly speed up describing biodiversity using modern integrated taxonomy, 24 November 2020, 10.45 – 12.15 CET (16.45 – 18.15 WIB)


 A shared approach to public health, 25 November 2020, 09.00 – 12.00 CET (15.00 – 18.00 WIB)

changes in biodiversity and health in the context of an urbanizing world, 25 November 2020, 09.00 – 09.50 CET (15.00-15.50 WIB)

  • Professor Maria Yazdanbakhsh, Leiden University Medical Center.
  • Professor Taniawati Supali, University of Indonesia.
  • Speakers representing activities in their insitutions regarding urbanization, biodiversity and health:
  • Dr. Katja Polman, VU University Amsterdam.
  • Dr. Kerstin Klipstein-Grobusch, Utrecht University
  • Dr. Arjen Speksnijder, Naturalis Biodiversity Center
  • Dr. Hermelijn Smits, Lieden University Medical Center
  • Dr. Claire Hallewas, Delft University
  • Dr. Yodi Mahendradhata, Gadja Mada University
  • Dr. Dicky Tahapary, University of Indonesia
  • Dr. Sitti Wahyuni, University of Hasanuddin

Improving Tuberculosis control in Indonesia; integrated molecular, clinical and public health research, 25 November 2020, 10.00 – 10.50 CET (16.00 – 16.50 WIB)

  • Bony Wiem Lestari – PhD candidate (Clinical studies / Public Health of TB)
  • Raspati Koesoemadinata – PhD candidate (Clinical studies / Public Health of TB)
  • Edwin Ardiansyah – PhD candidate (Molecular research at Radboud)
  • Todia Pediatama – PhD candidate (Molecular research work at Radboud)
  • Gerine Nijman – MSc student at Radboudumc
  • Bachti Alisjahbana – infectious disease specialist and head of the infectious research center at Universitas Padjadjaran
  • Reinout van Crevel – professor of Global Health and Infectious Diseases at Radboudumc and Honorary Professor at Oxford University and University of Indonesia, Jakarta

Infectious Diseases – Preparedness for the Next Wave: the Pandemic of Antimicrobial Resistance, 25 November 2020, 11.00 – 11.50 CET (17.00 – 17.50 WIB)

  • Dr. Juliëtte Severin – Erasmus MC
  • Dr. David Speksnijder – Unversity Utrecht
  • Prof Annelies Verbon – Erasmus MC
  • Prof Jaap Wagenaar – University Utrecht
  • Prof Heiman Wertheim – Radboud UMC
  • Prof Kuntaman Kuntaman – FK-UNAIR
  • Dr. Vivi Lisdaqati – Prof Dr Sulianti Saroso Hospital
  • Dr. Anis Karuniawati – FKUI
  • Prof Muhammad Nasrum Massi – FK-UNHAS
  • Dr. Imron Suandy – VPH/University Utrecht

Collaboration for Biodiversity & Sustainable Development on Indonesian Island, 25 November 2020, 09.00 – 12.00 CET (15.00 – 18.00 WIB)

Biodiversity and Tourism: Scientific advice, vision for the future and a case study of the Resilience of the Richest Reefs program, 25 November 2020, 09.00 – 10.20 CET (15.00 – 16.20 WIB)

  • Jamaluddin Jompa – Dean of Graduate School of Hasanuddin University, and Chairman of Center of Excellence for Marine Resilience and Sustainable Development
  • Marten Scheffer – Distinguished Professor at the department of Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management at Wageningen University
  • Lisa Becking – Marine Biologist at Wageningen University and Research Centers with a long-held interest in tropical marine biodiversity
  • Hawis Maduppa – Executive Director of Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab Association
  • Ricardo Tapilatu – Head of the Research Center for Pacific Marine Resources at the University of Papua (UNIPA), Manokwari – Papua Barat Indonesia

Resilient sustainable energy supply on islands – the case of photovoltaic solar energy in Indonesia, 25 November 2020, 10.30 – 11.50 CET (16.30 – 17.50 WIB)

  • Prof. dr. A.H.M.E. Reinders –  Full professor of ‘Design of Sustainable Energy Systems’ at the Department of Mechanical Engineering in Eindhoven University of Technology and an associate professor at University of Twente
  • Kunaifi  – Lecturer at the Department of Electrical Engineering UIN Suska Riau University, Indonesia.
  • Max Ammer – Founder of Papua Diving
  • Penny Hestianti Marsella – The ambassador of PLN (the Indonesian state-owned electricity utility company) in 2016

An interdisciplinary approach to renewable energy, 25 November 2020, 09.00 – 12.00 CET (15.00 – 18.00 WIB)

Decentralized renewable energy systems in Indonesia – technical, economic and societal challenges and opportunities, 25 November 2020, 10.00 – 10.50 CET (16.00 – 16.50 WIB)

  • Harris, S.T., M.T. – Director for Various New and Renewable Energy, Directorate General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.
  • Ferdaus Ario Nurman – Product Development Leader in PT Len Industri (Persero)-Indonesia
  • Amalia Suryani – Advisor on Sustainable Development and Energy Access
  • Prof. Kornelis Blok – Professor of Energy Systems Analysis
  • Dr. Tamara Oukes – Assistant professor at ESIM-NIKOS, the Dutch Institute for Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship.
  • Prof. Frank Leferink – EMC Specialist

Looking into the current energy provision in Indonesia and renewable energy storage as part to support the Energy Transition in the archipelago, 25 November 2020, 11.00 – 11.50 CET (17.00 – 17.50 WIB)

  • Dr. Tri Desmana Rachmildha –  Researcher – Lecturer in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)
  • Dr. Koen Broess – Business Lead – Energy Storage DNV GL
  • Dr. Rianne ‘t Hoen – Technical Professional DNV GL

Wicked problems of water management, 25 November 2020, 09.00 – 12.00 CET (15.00 – 18.00 WIB)

A Sustainable Water Design Strategy in Times of Climate Change to Achieve Sustainable and Resilient City and Community: Lessons Learned from Water as Leverage Semarang, 25 November 2020, 09.00 – 09.50 CET (15.00 – 15.50 WIB)

  • Wiwi Tjiook – Chair of IDN Liveable Cities
  • Olaf Gerson – Associate Director of MLA+
  • Monica A. Altamirano – Public-Private Partnerships Specialist at Deltares & Advisor to the Netherlands International Water Affairs Team
  • Wiwandari Handayani – Associate Professor at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Diponegoro University (UNDIP) Semarang
  • Yulia – Urban Planning Specialist of IDN Liveable Cities
  • Reza Arlianda – IDN Liveable Cities

Living Labs Water Indonesia: Improving Ecosystem Services from Delta Area, 25 November 2020, 10.00 – 10.50 CET (16.00 – 16.50 WIB)

  • Dr. Peter van der Meer
  • Prof. Toine Smits
  • Prof. Frans Wijsen
  • Dr. Floris Boogaard
  • Prof. Yudi Firmanul
  • Dr. Liliane Geerling
  • Prof. Euridice Leyequien

Factors influencing the sustainability of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services in rural Indonesia: lessons learned, challenges, and opportunities, 25 November 2020, 11.00 – 11.50 CET (17.00 – 17.50 WIB)

  • Eddy Setiadi Soedjono – Head of the research centre of Water and Sanitation in Tropical Area (CWASTA) in the Department of Environmental Engineering of Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning of ITS, Surabaya.
  • Lieselotte Heederik – Founder of NAZAVA.
  • Paul van Essen – Program manager of SIMAVI in Indonesia
  • Dhanang Tri Wuriyandoko – Deputy team leader of an Urban Sanitation Development Program (USDP), Royal HaskoningDHV
  • Daniel – PhD candidate at Delft University of Technology
  • Dennis Djohan  – Environmental Engineering Master student at Delft University of Technology

Collaboration on Culture and Justice for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals, 25 November 2020, 09.00 – 12.00 CET (15.00 – 18.00 WIB)

Peace, justice and strong institutions : from knowledge to practice through strengthening legal education, 25 November 2020, 09.00 – 09.50 CET (15.00 – 15.50 WIB)          

  • Herlambang Wiratraman – Lecturer in the Constitutional Law Department and the Executive Director of the Centre of Human Rights Law Studies (HRLS), Faculty of Law, Universitas Airlangga (Surabaya, Indonesia)
  • Adriaan Bedner – Professor of Law and Society in Indonesia and Head of Department of the Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Society
  • Rambu L.K.R. Nugrohowardhani – Lecturer at Wira Wacana Christian School of Economic
  • Jacqueline Vel – Senior Researcher Van Vollenhoven Institute, Leiden Law School
  • Bivitri Susanti  – Founder of the Indonesian Centre for Law & Policy Studies (PSHK)
  • Revency Rugebregt – Lecturer and Head of the department of constitutional law at UnPatti (Universitas Pattimura Ambon
  • Laurens van Veldhuizen –  Adult education and rural innovation specialist

Access to Justice in Indonesia: How effective is the legal system in addressing land conflicts and natural resource management?, 25 November 2020, 10.00 – 10.50 CET (16.00 – 16.50 WIB)

  • Yance Arizona – PhD researcher at Leiden University (van Vollenhoven Institute)    
  • Asep Yunan Firdaus – Director of Epistema Institute
  • Siti Rahma Mary Herwati – Co-chair for knowledge management at the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) Jakarta
  • Afrizal – Professor of Sociology at Andalas University
  • Ward Berenschot – Professor in Comparative Political Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam, and researcher at KITLV Leiden
  • Norman Jiwan – Associate at Forest Peoples Program and former director of Transformasi untuk Keadilan (TUK) Indonesia
  • Ahmad Dhiaulhaq – Postdoctoral researcher at KITLV Leiden

Heritage Impact Assessment: promoting sustainable urban development, 25 November 2020, 11.00 – 11.50 CET (17.00 – 17.50 WIB)

  • Marrik Bellen – Director of KITLV (Royal Netherlands Institute for Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies) in Jakarta and Director of the Office of Leiden University in Indonesia.
  • Johannes Parlindungan – Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Universitas Brawijaya, Malang (Indonesia)
  • Mara de Groot – Managing Director at the Centre for Global Heritage and Development

Adaptation for climate change and sustainable development, 25 November 2020, 09.00 – 12.00 CET (15.00 – 18.00 WIB)

The role of forest and agricultural landscape restoration to support urban health and living conditions, , 25 November 2020, 09.00 – 09.50 CET (15.00 – 15.50 WIB)          

  • Dr. Lailan Syaufina – Lecturer at the IPB University in Bogor and an expert on forest fires related to peatland land conversion, climate change, and land use changes
  • Dr. Carina van der Laan – Expert on land conversion and land use changes in Indonesia

Transition towards water sensitive cities, including case study City of Bekasi, 25 November 2020, 10.00 – 10.50 CET (16.00 – 16.50 WIB)

  • Cynthia Roose – World Waternet
  • Andrea Suscito – Bekasi City, Head of Waste Water Department
  • Nanya Burki – NESO Nuffic
  • Zainal Abidin Bagir – Executive Director of the Center of Religious and Cross Cultural Studies at Gadjah Mada University
  • Inke Prima Diyarn – DKI Jakarta
  • Elisabeth Tarigan – Officer, Water Management Department, Jakarta
  • Philip Ward- Professor at VU Amsterdam
  • Marieke van Nood – World Waternet
  • Jan Jorrit Hasselaar – VU
  • Bouke Ottow – Deltaris
  • Michael Webster – Executive director Water and Waste, City of Cape Town

Testing interdisciplinary methodological approaches for the study of Socio-ecological systems: analysing the history and future possibilities of governance for climate change, 25 November 2020, 11.00 – 11.50 CET (17.00 – 17.50 WIB)

  • Sonny Mumbunan – Researcher at the University of Indonesia’s Research Center for Climate Change (RCCC UI)
  • Lisa Becking – Marine biologist at Wageningen University and Research Centers
  • David Kloos – Senior Researcher at the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Leiden, the Netherlands (KITLV)
  • Luky Adrianto – Associate Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences at Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)
  • Sikko Visscher – Research Advisor and Liaison Officer KITLV