What you should know about the sessions

Posted on June 26, 2020

What you should know about the sessions

The November 2020 WINNER kick-off must be seen as a stepping stone to the June 2021 WINNER and will therefore take place under the umbrella of the earlier agreed overall theme “Achieving the SDGs: from Knowledge to Practice”.

The theme has been widely interpreted. Indonesian and Dutch institutions have been encouraged to submit proposals for sessions on the various themes of cooperation from an interdisciplinary, knowledge chain-wide perspective.

Below are some points about the sessions for the digital WINNER conference, 24 – 26 November 2020 :

  • The session will be online on zoom webinar or zoom meeting platform.
  • The session should be jointly led by a Dutch and an Indonesian researcher.
  • Session leaders are responsible for organizing the speakers, work forms, and content of the sessions.
  • The session should focus on the theme “Achieving the SDGs: from Knowledge to Practice”. Please make the session broader than just the work of your own research group. We will cluster your session under the following (tentative) themes: 1) biodiversity, 2) governance for climate change, 3) renewable energy, 4) urbanization and regional planning, 5) health, 6) tourism, identity and culture and 7) broader topics in (impact of) research and education, such as creating impact, living labs, interdisciplinary collaboration etc.
  • The session should be interactive. In need of inspiration? See tips and tricks on how to organise an interactive online session. You are also very welcome to bring in your own ideas. If you need support how to organise an interactive online session, you can email us at Indonesia-nl@nwo.nl
  • The digital WINNER conference will allow for 3 hours of interactive live sessions per day. We kindly request that you organize your session in such a way that it fits in a 45-50 minutes timeslot. If you need more time or less time, please indicate so in the session registration form and we will try to accommodate a longer of shorter session.
  • If your session is suitable for recording and you don’t have any objectives against recording and later availability of the session on the WINNER website, please indicate this on the form.
  • Kindly note that the programme for this digital edition in November will be smaller in the amount of activities and sessions we can cater for than a full ‘normal’ conference. Therefore, the organising committee might have to exercise its right to carefully select the session ideas which can be accommodated in this first edition of WINNER.