Possible work forms for interactive sessions

Posted on June 26, 2020

Possible work forms for interactive sessions

Below are some ideas of work form for the sessions in the digital WINNER conference, 24 – 26 November 2020.

Masterclass – Presentation and interaction

In a masterclass, an expert from a knowledge institution, the government or industry provides an interactive insight into his or her expertise. A bold and daring speaker who we can learn from and above all is inspiring. The session is aimed at sharing knowledge and skills around a specific theme.

Possible structure: 15 minutes presentation + 25 minutes interaction, supporting visual material via for example Prezi or PowerPoint

Room setup: lecture room

Capacity: dependent on size of room, for 10-100 people

Best Practice – Presentation and interaction

The ‘Best Practice’ offers a platform for a successful research collaboration/consortium setup/mix of knowledge development and questions from the field. Proposals could also be made to realise a better process or organisation of exchange, for example something that can be presented to the participants as a concept and then be discussed.

Possible structure: 15 minutes explanation + 25 minutes questions

Room setup: lecture room

Capacity: dependent on size of room, for 10-100 people

Workshop – Collaboration

In the workshop, the participants will work together on an issue under the supervision of a moderator. In an open, honest and reciprocal manner they will jointly explore the issue and actively exchange ideas about possibilities to solve a scientific or societal problem. The workshop works best if a moderator keeps an eye on the process, time and the outcomes.

Possible structure: 5 minutes introduction + 25 minutes working in groups + 10 minutes presentation to each other and concluding the session

Room setup: tables with chairs

Capacity: maximum 40 people

Debate in a debating chamber – Discussion based on a proposition and ‘camps of proponents and opponents’

In a debating chamber setup you can discuss various propositions with the participants.

Possible structure: 5 minutes introduction and the debate rules + 30 minutes debate + 5 minutes concluding the session

Room setup: debating chamber

Capacity: maximum of 50 people

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Due to the worldwide Covid-19 outbreak, WINNER has been tentatively postponed to the week of 24-26 November 2020. Confirmation will follow in the first week of August.

This first edition of WINNER will be organized as a digital conference in which participants are able to participate in online workshops and get inspired by existing and future collaborations. Researchers from Indonesia and the Netherlands are invited to host online sessions. The (new) deadline for the submission of the session registration form will be 2 September 2020. There are two 1,5 hours timeslots for online sessions per day, 9 – 12 am in the Netherlands and 3 – 6 pm in Jakarta.

In comparison with the original set up, this digital edition of WINNER can be seen as a stepping stone to WINNER in June 2021 and will therefore take place under the umbrella of the earlier agreed overall theme "Achieving the SDGs: from Knowledge to Practice".

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at info@winner.or.id